Why Trust Her Curated Kitchen?

You know how when you’re shopping for a new skillet/dishes/coffeemaker/etc. and you search for some reviews online only to find blog’s with generic information and stock photos… less than helpful right? 

HCK is basically the anti-that.

I personally test, photograph, and write each review. I want to share all the details with you so you can make the best decision for your personal priorities. I’m using products in everyday, real-life ways. 

For example, I fry eggs, sear chicken, and make pancakes in every skillet I review to get a well-rounded feel for what the pan can (and can’t do). Because most people want a pan that can handle multiple cooking methods – an everyday go-to. 

I handle, wash, and store products as I would anything else – there are no babying products in this home. Just like you, I’m tossing the test frying pan in the cabinet with the rest – rather than painstakingly stacking the skillets with felt dividers. Neither of us has time for that. 

You’re going to use your products in real-world real-life situations – so that’s how I test them. I try to take my time with each product to show all of its facets and quirks. Most reviews take at least four weeks – some take a few months.

How HCK Chooses Products to Review

Her Curated Kitchen is new. Right now, reviews are focused on what people are searching for online. I purchase products for review and I do accept products from brands in exchange for a published review.

However, there is clear communication from the start that the review will be truly transparent, honest, and equally tested. If an item has aspects that I don’t like or are less-than-ideal, that’s going in the review.

As we grow, I hope to review products our readers are personally interested in. My goal is to be a go-to source for real-world transparent and trustworthy information to help you elevate your life.

If you have a product or a brand that you would like to see an honest review of please send me a message!