An Honest Review of the Ninja Woodfire Grill 

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My husband is a grill and smoking guy. We regularly enjoy ribs, pulled pork, beer can chicken, and just about every other grillable or smokable item you can imagine. (Yes, I did hit the jackpot with him.) 

However, when I think about smoking anything, I know we are planning to make a day of it. Monitoring the temperature, the wood pellets / chips, making sauce concoctions – plus a pretty intensive clean-up process. 

When I had the opportunity to try out the Ninja Woodfire Grill I was hesitantly optimistic. It promised a simple smoking process with an easy clean-up. I have a few Ninja items and I genuinely love each one so I knew I would be in for a solid appliance. 

Ninja Woodfire Grill sits open displaying two sample bags of wood pellets sitting inside.

However, I was admittedly hesitant that this one appliance could do so many things well – including smoking. We have a full stainless steel monster of a smoker so I knew our standards are high. 

My first thought was to try out something simple and easy on the Woodfire just to see how it came out. Maybe some chicken thighs or fish filets. But then I thought if I really wanted to see what this outdoor grill could do, I should break in on something challenging.

So I went all out and chose a brisket. If you’ve ever made a brisket you may be raising your eyebrows right now. Smoking brisket is known to be tough – both literally (it’s a tough cut of meat) and in its difficulty to cook well.

Spoiler alert: The Ninja Woodfire Grill is a total game-changer. The brisket came out juicy and tender with a smoky, flavorful bark that just nailed it. Seriously, I’m majorly impressed.

Although Ninja Kitchen sent this Wood Fired Outdoor Grill for review, all opinions here are my honest thoughts.

Ninja Woodfire Grill Pro Review: Features

The Woodfire Outdoor Grill can do a lot – it has seven functions: Grill, Smoke, Roast, Bake, Dehydrate, Air Crisp, and Broil. It also offers a feature that most other multi-use grills don’t have: authentic wood pellet smoking. Some of my other favorite features include:

Integrated digital thermometer:  The thermometer is a user-friendly AF, and with preset settings, you can program the grill to perfection for various meats. No need for constant monitoring, you’re totally safe to round up a game of cornhole. 

The thermometer also comes with a storage piece that is stored in the front of the grill – keeping the thermometer safe from wandering off and getting itself lost.

On the left side of the control panel, a knob easily navigates through seven different cooking settings: Grill, Smoke, Air Crisp, Bake, Roast, Broil, or Dehydrate.

Digital Control Panel: The high-tech command center boasts a vibrant LED display on the digital control panel, making temperature adjustments a breeze.

Control Knob:  On the left side of the control panel, a knob easily navigates through seven different cooking settings: Grill, Smoke, Air Crisp, Bake, Roast, Broil, or Dehydrate.

  • Grill: steaks, burgers and hot dogs, chicken, all the backyard BBQ favs
  • Smoker: It can handle briskets, whole chickens, ribs, pulled pork
  • Air Crisp: Replace your air fryer, make chicken wings, potatoes of all shapes and sizes, frozen foods
  • Bake: literally cinnamon rolls, cakes and muffins all come out same as an oven.
  • Roast: Just like a conventional oven or toaster oven
  • Broil: Just like the setting on gas stoves, use it to sear meats like salmon and steaks.
  • Dehydrate: replace your bulky dehydrator to make fruit and beef jerky.

Woodfire Flavor Technology Button: Also on the control panel, sits a cleverly designed button labeled Wood Flavor Technology ready to inject that smoke flavor into any cooking mode (excluding ‘smoke’, as it’s automatically on for smoking).

Other Accessories: The quick start guide sets you on the right path with clear information. The thoughtful inclusion of a pre-measured pellet scoop means I won’t accidentally overwhelm the smoker with pellets or spill them all over the patio floor.

Ninja Woodfire Grill Review: The Nitty Gritty Specifications

I only somewhat understand some of this info (literally what is a Hz?), but it is all accurate.

Height13.31 in
Width23.62 in
Depth18.58 in
Interior10.5 x 14.5 in
Cooking Area141 sq. in
Weight30.62 lbs.
Voltage120V 60Hz
Power1760 Watts
Temp Range105°F to 500°F
Cord Length4 Feet
Warranty1 yr

Ninja Woodfire Grill: Unboxing and First Thoughts

The grill was delivered to my front porch (along with the day’s Amazon packages) in a medium-sized box. The grill was packed well with packing foam which is a plus for receiving a flawless grill but a downer for the environment as it’s not sustainable or recyclable. 

I was surprised when opening up the box at the size of the grill. I was anticipating something that could work in a pinch, but I think I could fit a Costco-sized whole chicken in this grill. 

I really like the styling and intentional design. It’s a beautiful and sleek appliance, the black and gray color pallet will look great on any patio. I was also impressed with the feel of the materials. 

From the knob to the lid to the handles, everything is high-quality materials. 

Along with the grill, the box held an air crisper basket, a grill plate, thermometer and holder, grease pan, pellet scoop, and two sample-size wood pellet bags in “All purpose” (mild and slightly sweet) and “Robust blend” (rich, smokey flavor). 

Two things surprised me about the Woodfire Grill. The first was that I thought the smoke would billow out of the top because of the chimney-looking section that is actually an air intake. 

The smoke actually wafts out of the back of the grill, which is so much smarter than the top as it is slightly more directional. This gives you more control over the smoke, just by repositioning the grill. That could make all the difference on an apartment balcony. 

The other aspect that surprised me was the little smoke box on the side. It holds only about ½ cup of pellets. I initially was suspicious that I would either be babysitting the smokebox or that the smoke flavor would be mild. But (spoiler alert!) that little half cup of pellets lasted through the whole cooking process and created a true smokey flavor. 

A Ninja Woodfire grill sits on a tan patio table with smoke billowing out the back.

Ninja Woodfire Grill Pro: Assembly

Assembly was waaay easier than I expected. If you’ve ever assembled any kind of appliance or furniture (I’m looking at you, Nordictrack) you know it is sometimes an actual test of your patience, dexterity, and will to live.

I’ve assembled my share of IKEA furniture so I knew I could handle whatever Ninja had in that box. But I didn’t need any tools or a master’s in engineering degree to get this put together. 

The grill was all but ready, needing only the handles attached. In literally two minutes I used the provided Allen wrench to connect the handles to the body. They even have a little L and R sticker on each handle so you’d really have to try to have a hard time with assembly. 

Then I slid in the drip pan and smokebox, gave everything a little wipe down with a multipurpose spray and it was time to plug it in! I carried the grill (with those newly expertly attached handles) from my garage to the back patio and rounded up an extension cord. 

Safety Note: if using an extension cord, double check the manual for safety tips. Ninja recommends that the Woodfire grill be the only appliance plugged into an outlet at a time.

A full woodfire pellet scoop sits in front of the grill on a tan outdoor patio table.

Ninja Woodfire Grill: Accessories

If you’re as head over heels for your Woodfire grill as I am, you’ve got to check out some of the accessories Ninja has to offer.

Grill Stand: If you don’t have a designated spot for your Woodfire grill, the portable grill stand is the answer. It’s got all-weather wheels, handy utensil hooks, and a sweet bonus – it folds up for easy and compact storage. Perfect for those spontaneous grilling sessions.

Combo Basket: Want to grill and air crisp at the same time? The combo basket is your go-to. It’s like having a tag team for your cooking adventures. Burgers and fries on the menu? Consider it done.

Griddle Plate: Spice up your cooking game with the griddle plate. It’s all about direct, edge-to-edge heat on a flat surface. From sizzling fajitas to flipping pancakes, it’s a must, especially for all the camping or RV chefs out there.

Grill Cover: If your grill has found a forever home on the patio, treat it right with the premium cover

The air crisper basket sits on an open woodfire grill.

Ninja Woodfire Premium Outdoor Grill Cover Review 

I went ahead and picked up the Ninja Woodfire grill cover from Amazon since I plan to use the grill often. I’m really happy with it, it’s easy to put on and take off the grill. While I haven’t had the woodfire grill for a long time, so far it is pristinely clean every time I take the cover off. 

The fabric and stitching feel high quality and are both water and fade-resistant. The elastic drawstrings on the bottom keep the cover in place. Even in our super windy backyard, the cover stays snug. 

How To Cook On A Ninja Woodfire Grill

This grill is so easy and simple to use, that I see myself choosing this over the big grill or smoker for quick meals. Here’s how to use the Woodfire grill:

  1. Round up the accessories you need based on the recipe you’re cooking. 
  2. If using the smoke setting or smoke infusion technology, add a scoop of pellets to the smoke box. 
  3. Plug in the grill and set the controller dial to your chosen cook function. 
  4. Choose your cooking time and temperature.
  5. If you aren’t smoking something but want a little smoke flavor, just push the Woodfire Flavor Technology button. 
  6. The screen will display “add food” – go ahead and add the food.
  7. Flip, baste, or turn your food as your recipe – or the grill instructs. 
  8. Keep an eye on what you’re cooking toward the end of your cooking time. I found that most things cooked a bit faster than expected. 
  9. Enjoy your easy meal!
Detail of the Ninja Woodfire Grill smoke box full of wood pellets.

What Is Cooking With The Woodfire Like?

It’s literally some of the easiest grilling/smoking I’ve ever done. When smoking this brisket flat, I preheated the smoker (set to the smoke setting) and tossed a scoop of pellets in the smoke box. I need to mention again that I love love love that the scoop is the perfect measurement for how much the smoke box holds. It couldn’t be easier. 

While the grill was getting ready, I prepped the brisket by trimming the fat, making a mustard and beef bouillon concoction and rubbing on the seasoning. Then the grill dinged to announce it was ready and I just placed the brisket and inserted the temperature probe. I smoked at 225 degrees and set the timer per the recipe I was following. 

After a few minutes of the timer counting down, smoke began wafting out the back of the smoker, filling our backyard with a delicious aroma. 

A seasoned brisket sits smoking on the woodfire grill.

This brisket needed to smoke for at least four hours so we did add an extra scoop of pellets about halfway through. I was impressed that the little scoop of pellets lasted so long. 

The grill will beep and alert you to flip your food at the halfway point, but the recipe I was following stressed keeping the lid shut as much as possible so I skipped flipping. 

When you open the grill, it will automatically pause everything (timer, smoking, etc) and the display will say “Shut lid”. I like that the grill is smart enough to know what’s going on and adapt to human interactions.  

We hung out and played some yard games while the brisket cooked until the grill beeped and displayed a message to let us know the meat had reached our desired temperature. We turned the grill off, and checked out the recipe for next steps. Then we wrapped the brisket foil to lock in the moisture and let it rest.

After resting (both the meat and me) we dished everything up. It was so good! Although not as smoky as we are used to, we could taste the smoke in every bite.

A Ninja woodfire grill with a seasoned brisket sits on an outdoor patio table. A green grassy yard is in the backgroun.

How Does The Ninja Woodfire Technology Compare?

Although the Woodfire grill relies on wood pellets, I do notice a subtle but noticeable taste difference when compared to a classic smoker. While many might not catch the absence of a smoke ring on a brisket or the unique depth of flavor achieved through hours in a traditional smoker, seasoned smokers may pick up on these nuances.

However, don’t let this discourage you from giving the Woodfire grill a shot. Everything I’ve smoked with it so far has boasted fantastic flavor and tenderness. You can genuinely achieve a flavorful smoke taste without dealing with all the hassle of the ‘big smoker’.

How to Clean the Ninja Woodfire

How to Clean the Ninja Woodfire

Cleaning the Woodfire grill takes less effort than most of my other small appliances. 

The pellet scoop is dishwasher safe (maybe that’s another reason I love it so much), but everything else is hand-wash only. To clean the grill, wait for everything to cool down, then just take the grate (and/or crisper basket) and wash by hand. Everything is nonstick so it’s a breeze to clean. 

The smoke box doesn’t need to be cleaned – just emptied. I dumped the ash from the smokebox into our trash bin (where I also dumped out the drip tray – don’t tell my husband.) Then I gave the tray a quick hand wash. 

In the future, I will take Ninja’s advice and put a little piece of foil in the drip tray so that I can easily deal with the oil. 

I gave the outside a quick swat with a dishtowel, put the cover on and that was that. We left the grill out this weekend because we plan to use it again but we plan to store it on a shelf in our garage throughout the Midwest winters just to keep it clean and cozy.

When you have the opportunity to experience the elements of all four seasons in one day, it’s best to take extra care with your patio items. 

The Ninja Woodfire Grill sits outside on a patio table.

Can I Use The Ninja Woodfire Grill Indoors?

Absolutely not. You may be tempted by the fact that this plugs in and fits on a countertop but it is not safe to use indoors. Don’t do it. 

Does The Ninja Woodfire Grill Run On Electricity?

Yes, the grill plugs into standard outlets and is fully electric. You can use the pellet smoker box to infuse smoke flavor into your meals, but it is totally optional.

Detail of the cooking element of the The Ninja Woodfire Grill.

Can You Use Any Pellets In The Ninja Woodfire Grill?

Ninja says that you should only use Ninja brand pellets in the Woodfire grill. But, just between us, there’s a bunch of third-party options for Woodfire pellets. I haven’t had the opportunity to try any out yet, but I plan to.

Final Thoughts On Trying The Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill

I was skeptical, I truly was – but I am impressed with the Woodfire grill. If you are in an apartment (with a balcony), have limited outdoor space, or love the camping and RV life, this could change the game for you. 

The versatility and portability alone are a huge perk over anything else on the market. The Woodfire does so much and does it well. It’s easy to use so beginners would feel comfortable trying out the different features, but it’s also got what it takes to stand up to the high expectations of master grillers. 

The Ninja Woodfire Grill in action.

What Could Be Improved

This is honestly a great grill, but I would suggest a few upgrades: 

  • A Bluetooth or wifi feature with an app would be fantastic for monitoring, especially with the built-in thermometer. 
  • Smoke: while the smoke flavor is undeniable, it doesn’t hold up to the ‘big smoker’. This is probably not a fair comparison, but dedicated pitmasters may notice the difference. 
  • I personally am not a big hand-wash-only person so I do wish that more parts were dishwasher-safe. However, everything washed up so easily that it really took less than five minutes max. 

I see myself choosing this appliance more and more in the future. I have already recommended this grill to my brother who lives in a downtown apartment and my friends who love to road trip in their RV all summer long. It’s so easy to use, is super high quality, and the features can replace several other small appliances. This 7-in-1 grill is quite literally changing the grilling game.

How Does The Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill Rate Online?

Let me save you the time of scouring reviews and hedging the accidental 1-stars against the helpful content.

RetailerStar Rating / 5Reviews
Ninja 4.7413
Amazon 4.71668
Target 5395
Best Best 4.8345

Most reviews that I read are overwhelmingly positive. People love the smoking feature, the fact that everything is easy to clean, and that the grill is super portable. 

The negatives I read came mostly from people who seem to be very experienced in the smoking community. Avid smokers note that this grill can’t just achieve the depth of smoky flavor that traditional smokers can create. And a few 1-star reviews about issues unrelated to the product itself.

The Ninja Woodfire Grill cooking at 250 degrees.

Should You Buy The Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill?

I personally think that if you are a grilling and smoking newbie or aren’t especially passionate about smoke flavor and depth, this grill is perfect for you.

The Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill completely surprised me, I never expected to fall head over heels for it, but the smoking feature won me over. Toss in a scoop of wood pellets, and this grill works its magic, infusing meats and veggies with that perfect smoky flavor while you grill, roast, or dehydrate. The best part for me is that it doesn’t demand hours of prep, cooking, or cleanup time.

There are other countertop smokers out there, but they are limited to smoking and grilling only. Leaving me wishing for those other five functions. While searching online for alternatives, I honestly could not find anything that came close to matching the versatility of the Ninja Woodfire. 

Now, about the price. I’m going to use some girl math here to convince you that this is a steal. This one appliance can stand in as a grill, smoker, air fryer, dehydrator, and oven that can roast, broil, and bake.

Say goodbye to the clutter in your garage or kitchen, because the Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill does it all. Trust me when I tell you that you and your friends will all be impressed by this grill’s abilities.

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