An Honest Review of Hombene Porcelain Dinnerware

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If you’ve ever shopped for dinnerware you are well aware of two things. One: a standard service setting doesn’t really exist. Do you need tea cups? Mugs? Dessert or condiment bowls? All of the above? For two people? Twelve? The variations are endless.

And two: they are surprisingly pricey – right up there with curtains and throw pillows. 

However, I’ve found a dinnerware set that is not only affordable and beautiful – it’s also for the girls who just want bowls that sort of look like plates. that are sort of like bowls … if you know, you know.

Please note: Although Hombene sent this dishware set to me for review, all opinions here are my honest thoughts.

Hombene Porcelain Dinnerware: The Specifications

Options for this design include Service for 4 or Service for 6 with large and small plates, and large and small bowls. Some variations include large mugs, tea cups, and one set with stunning serving trays. 

Tip: “Service for” essentially means how many people can be accommodated with the set. So service for 4 means 4 of each type of item in the set (4 large plates, 4 small plates, 4 large bowls, 4 small bowls).

  • Materials: High-fired porcelain at 2,372°F (Porcelain is a high-quality pottery made from white clay and other ingredients.) Stain and odor resistant (so your bowl of ice cream won’t carry an onion smell or soy sauce stain from last nights dinner.)
  • Size: 10.8” Dinner Plates, 8” Dessert / Appetizer Plates, 8.75” Pasta Bowls and 6.25” Cereal Bowls
  • Design: Coupe shape with rippled design throughout.
  • Features: Super smooth and easy to clean
  • Design Concept: “Sun glitter is the magical sparkle of sunlight on water ripples, creating a vibrant, dreamlike atmosphere.”
  • Global Reach: Hombene is in partnership with top brands like William-Sonama and Fortessa.
Hombene dishes review.

Hombene: A Sustainability-Focused Brand

Hombene as a company seems to genuinely prioritize both the quality of their products and their integrity as a company. Their site states they “take pride in our production process and hold certifications in product quality, social responsibility, and more […] Our eco-friendly packaging and fair treatment of employees reflect our commitment to sustainability and responsibility.”

They take corporate social responsibility seriously. Their facilities actively prioritize sustainability and safety by:

  • Reducing their building energy footprint as much as possible, such as adding solar water heaters to reduce emissions.
  • Reducing water usage by putting advanced water circulatory equipment into production.
  • Implementing a variety of pollution control systems in all production processes to reduce exhaust gasses, wastewater, and waste residue to the maximum.
  • Investing in the most advanced environmental protection facilities to ensure the discharge water is clean, and their exhaust gasses are harmless.
  •  Strictly following the regulation of garbage classification.
  • Educating employees on sustainable practices.

Corporate Vision: “To produce high quality, low cost, unique, practical and functional ceramics for customers all around the world, according to the needs of our valued customers.”

Stacks of porcelain dishes on a wood dining table.

Hombene Porcelain Dinnerware: Unboxing and First Thoughts

I’m impressed with both the durability of the packaging – none of the dishes were damaged even though the shipping box looked like it was dragged behind the shipping truck. I also really appreciate that the packaging was mostly cardboard aside from a small amount of tape (rather than endless plastic). 

Each type of dinnerware was packaged together with a cardboard spacer between each piece. Then the set is placed in it’s own cardboard box that is then packaged into the larger main box. 

Hombene Porcelain Dinnerware in the cardboard packaging

Hombene Porcelain Dinnerware: How I Tested

Testing out this dinnerware for you guys involved a lot. I wanted to be sure I could give you a well-rounded and comprehensive take that you just can’t get by browsing reviews.

Aesthetic Vibe Check:

The listing on Amazon describes the design as “sun glitter is the magical sparkle of sunlight on water ripples, creating a vibrant, dreamlike atmosphere.” 

The overall design is organic, with an almost hand-made feel with the imperfect edges. I love the slightly imperfect shape, it’s subtle enough to not take away from whatever you’re serving – but enough to be noticeable. The perfect balance of style without being ‘too much’.

The texture description of the plates is spot on with a ‘sparkling sun on moving water’ vibe. It truly looks like sunbeams on water in a way that the images just can’t capture.

Verdict: Overall the set looks much more expensive than it is. 

Detail of the sparkling sun on moving water design aesthetic of the Hombene dinnerware set.

Shipping Flaws Test:

I inspected each piece for any stress cracks, chips, or other signs of damage. While nothing was damaged, I did notice a small imperfection / design flaw in the glaze where the glaze comes to a tiny (approx. 1 cm) ridge. If you weren’t looking for it I doubt you’d notice though.

Verdict: shipped to me totally safely (chip and crack free) but may have a slight design flaw.

Detail of a minor imperfection on a Hombene dishware review.

Dishwasher Test: 

I put the entire set through a ‘normal’ + sanitize cycle on our dishwasher. I placed the plates and bowls in normally (rather than overly gently) and ran the cycle. Then I unloaded the dishes one by one checking for any cracks or chips. 

Verdict: 100% of the pieces came out in perfect condition.

Bottom view of a Hombene dessert bowl.

Durability Test: 

Utensil marks are a pet peeve of mine because they make fresh-out-of-the-dishwasher dining ware look dirty. Utensil marks happen when the metal surface of the silverware comes into contact with the glaze or finish of dishware, causing slight abrasion or scratch. It’s most common with stoneware like porcelain and ceramic. 

Verdict: I took one plate and one bowl and scratched a fork against it aggressively. The silverware left 0 marks on either dish.  

Side view of a Hombene dinner plate.

Microwave Test: 

I put a cup of water from my R.O. faucet (about room temp) in the large bowl. Then place it in the microwave on standard power for 1:30 minutes. I repeated this test with a small bowl.

Verdict: All pieces get quite warm, but do not crack in the microwave.

Two dessert bowls stacked on a wood dining table.

Staining Test:

I placed a bit of four of the top-staining ingredients on a plate and left it to sit out on the counter overnight. I then hand-washed the plate checking for any stains.

  • Tomato-based sauce: Tomato sauces like the marinara I used contain lycopene, a pigment that can leave stains on dishes, especially if the dishes are porous.
  • Coffee: Both coffee and tea contain tannins, which can stain dishes, particularly if they’re left to sit for a long time.
  • Soy sauce: Dark soy sauce can leave stains on dishes, especially if it’s allowed to dry.
  • Paprika: Some spices like paprika and chili powder contain pigments that can stain.

Verdict: All four ingredients were easily cleaned off (simply rinsed off in fact) and did not leave any stain behind.

A side by side of a plate with four high staining ingredients on the left and the clean plate on the right.

Daily Life Test: 

We used this set of dishware exclusively for the last month. I’ve served grilled steak, baked chicken, soups and stews, a casserole or two, and my everyday lunch go-to black bean quesadilla on this set. 

The coupe-style design of the plates’ edges kept any sauces or juices contained totally. The ripple design actually kept sauces and oils from touching each other (think oil from a piece of cod soaking through the roasted potatoes) – which I personally loved. 

The pieces went into our sink with pots and pans, though the dishwasher on standard settings, and were used with our everyday silverware.

Verdict: 10/10 for standing up to the wear and tear of everyday life. I even dropped a small bowl onto my granite countertop and both were totally unharmed. 

Lifestyle image of Hombene dishware

How Does Hombene Porcelain Dinnerware Rate Online?

Hombene Porcelain Dinnerware cookware is primarily available for purchase on Amazon where they have an impressive 4.6/5 star rating. With 91% being 4 stars or higher.

Solid-sturdy pieces that look beautiful. I love that when removed from microwave the only thing hot is the food. The plate edges have a subtle scalloped element which I love as well. It arrived securely packed with no broken pieces. A true win! I’ve said the word enough times here but I’ll say it again. I LOVE these dishes! Formal, informal, everyday – it all works.” – Santificato

Reviewers appreciate the size, style, aesthetic appeal, and color of the dishware along with the convenience of being dishwasher safe. They love the generously sized plates, describing them as contemporary and beautiful. 

Bottom detail of a large plate.

The few low-star reviews mention the dishes cracking in the microwave. 

I love these dishes so much. I purchased them in October. Today, I warmed up some pasta for less than one minute in the microwave and heard a pop. Odd, but took the plate out. Then added my husbands plate in the microwave and heard a pop. After further inspection, both plates cracked completely down the middle. I’m so bummed […] The details, which I double checked today on Amazon states microwave and dishwasher safe.” – Randall

Note: In my personal (and admittedly limited) experience, these dishes do get hot in the microwave, but none of mine have cracked.

Four large Hombene bowls stacked on a wood dining table.

Customer Service Experience 

I reached out via the email address listed on the Hombene website and received a response within 2 hours. My contact was a real human (quite the perk these days) who was friendly and knowledgeable. 

A review I read on Amazon talked about an excellent experience in having an issue resolved:

“5.0 out of 5 stars Incredible customer service and set is beautiful”

“Incredible customer service with this company. I had a plate break on me […] and contacted them. Very kindly, they offered a full replacement for free. I will absolutely be buying more sets from this company, and their customer service did a fantastic job taking care of me and I am now a customer for life! […]” – Madison

Side view of a large bowl on a wood dining table.

Are Hombene Porcelain Dishes Worth It?

I personally believe Hombene Porcelain Dinnerware is well worth the investment. Hit that ‘add to cart’ button if you want:

  • Stylish dishware with an organic design
  • Dishes that won’t get utensil scratches
  • Dishwasher-safe pieces

However, this might not be the right set for you if you want:

  • Unbreakable dishware; (if your toddler throws a porcelain bowl at the wall, it will break)
  • Colorful dishware (Hombene comes in a timeless white only) 
  • To microwave the heck out of your plates and bowls
Top view of Hombene plates and bowls

Hombene Porcelain dinnerware is designed as a bridge between traditional and trendy offering “high-end products […] affordable for all.” What sets these pieces apart for me is their unique design that is both beautiful and functional – along with their overall quality.

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