A box of original Velveeta sits on a granite countertop.

Can You Freeze Velveeta Cheese?

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Ah, Velveeta, the golden, melty, not-really-cheese loaf. It’s the cornerstone of my family’s holiday dip and in my homemade mac & cheese. The only problem is that it comes in giant blocks / loafs leaving me with a chunk of extra every time. Normally I’d just toss it in the freezer, but can you even freeze Velveeta cheese? The box says no, but fellow rule benders keep reading…

Can You Freeze Velveeta? Long Story Short

Yes, you can freeze Velveeta If you’re careful and follow the right steps – but it won’t be the same (it’s somehow both more gritty and mushy) once thawed.

A box of original Velveeta sits on a granite countertop.

Can You Freeze Velveeta? Long Story Long

Velveeta is a great backup for unexpected get-togethers or quick meals since it lasts up to six months unopened. I’ve used it in [a carb] & cheese, mixed it in some meatloaf, and even used it as a girl-dinner staple simply microwaved over a handful of pasta.

Once you open it, though, you’ve got about eight weeks to use it. If you can’t finish it in time, you can freeze it to extend its life by a couple of months.

Just know that freezing will likely change its texture and quality, so it’s not the ideal solution. The previously creamy smoothness will be more dense and gritty – while overall more mushy. So, try to only freeze it when you really need to.

Why Velveeta Doesn’t Freeze Well

When you freeze cheese like Velveeta, the moisture inside turns to ice, changing its texture. This happens because freezing causes crystallization, which messes with the cheese’s structure. 

Velveeta is super melty because it has a lot of moisture, which means it doesn’t freeze well. The more moisture a cheese has, the more it changes when frozen. So, freezing Velveeta might save it for later, but it won’t be quite the same when you thaw it.

A box of original Velveeta sits on a granite countertop.

How to Freeze Velveeta Cheese? The Best Way

You can freeze Velveeta and still use it in recipes, but the texture might not fully return to normal. However, it can be somewhat restored. Once melted in a recipe, the cheese can blend back together pretty well.

  1. Remove it from its original packaging
  2. Wrap it tightly in a double layer of plastic wrap 
  3. Place it in a freezer bag, squeeze out the excess air
  4. Label and date the bag, and put it in the back of the freezer where it will stay at a more consistent temperature.

For best results, use vacuum sealing or airtight packaging to minimize texture changes and avoid freezer burn. The texture won’t fully return to its pre-frozen state, but it can still be used in recipes like cheesy potatoes or slow cooker mac and cheese.

A box of original Velveeta sits on a granite countertop.

Can You Freeze Velveeta Cheese Dip?

If you’ve got extra Velveeta cheese dip (maybe the Midwest classic Velveeta Rotel dip with ground beef?), you can freeze it, but it might not be quite the same when you thaw it. Give it a good stir, maybe add a little love, and it should be ready to party again. 

Just remember, it might not be exactly like the fresh dip you first made, but it’ll still be a solid choice for a late-night snack.

How to Thaw Velveeta Cheese?

This will take a bit of planning as it’s best to thaw overnight in the refrigerator.

  1. Take the cheese out of the freezer and put it in the fridge for several hours or overnight.
  2. Keep the cheese wrapped to maintain moisture.
  3. After thawing, unwrap the cheese. The texture might be slightly different.
  4. Melt the cheese gently in a saucepan over low heat, stirring to blend the ingredients.
  5. Use the cheese melted or let it solidify again for your recipe.

Use thawed Velveeta within two days and then toss it – we are already pushing the limits just by freeing and thawing. And do not refreeze previously frozen-and-thawed Velveeta cheese, just cut your losses at this point.

Velveeta cheese block cut open in front of packaging.

How to Keep Velveeta Cheese Longer?

You may not have to freeze your Velveeta at all actually. Because it’s so processed, it can chill in your fridge, even if opened, for weeks. To keep Velveeta cheese longer:

  • Store unopened Velveeta in a cool, dry place like your pantry. It can last for up to six months this way.
  • Once opened, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil to keep air out. Then, store it in the fridge for up to eight weeks if it’s wrapped properly to keep air out. Just make sure to check for any signs of spoilage before using it.
  • Consider cutting the cheese into smaller portions and wrapping them separately. This way, you only need to open what you’ll use.
  • Pick up a pre-portioned, individually wrapped Fresh-Pack version rather than the classic Velveeta loaf so you’re only opening and using just what you need.

If you won’t use it within eight weeks of opening, freeze it following the proper freezing and thawing guidelines.

Can You Vacuum Seal Velveeta Cheese?

Yes, you can vacuum seal Velveeta cheese before freezing it. Vacuum sealing helps to remove as much air as possible, which can prevent freezer burn and preserve the cheese’s texture and flavor. 

Wrap the cheese tightly in plastic wrap (this one is my fav) or aluminum foil before vacuum-sealing it to prevent any moisture from getting in​.

How Long Will Velveeta Cheese Last In The Refrigerator?

The USDA says that “processed cheese slices don’t freeze well but can be kept in the refrigerator for one to two months.” If Velveeta isn’t considered a processed cheese, I don’t know what would be. 

I do recommend storing Velveeta in the fridge’s main body, rather than the door, to help maintain a more consistent temperature and prolong its shelf life.

A cut cube of Velveeta cheese in a plastic bag.

How Long Can You Freeze Velveeta Cheese

Because Velveeta cheese isn’t recommended to be frozen, no official timeline exists from the manufacturer. I’ve seen advice from anywhere from two to six months before things get weird. 

I personally would err on the side of sooner-rather-than later and look for any signs of spoilage or freezer burn before and after thawing.

Velveeta cheese block cut open in front of packaging.

Can Velveeta Cheese Go Bad?

While it’s pretty durable thanks to its processing, Velveeta cheese absolutely can go bad. Unopened, it can hang out in your pantry for about 6 months, just waiting for its moment to shine in your favorite dish. 

Once you’ve opened it, though, it’s best to use it within about 8 weeks – as long as it’s stored properly in your fridge.

If you notice it’s starting to look or smell a bit off, it might be time to part ways. Signs that Velveeta has gone bad include changes in color, texture, or smell. And remember, when in doubt, it’s better to play it safe and throw it out.

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