What Is Her Curated Kitchen?

Hey! I’m Tia and I’m making the magic behind Her Curated Kitchen. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or still mastering the art of cracking an egg, I’m here to offer short cuts for you on your culinary journey. I share honest reviews, advice, and comprehensive information on everything that will turn your kitchen into a place of creativity and confidence.

My Story

I personally know the challenges of not knowing what you’re doing in the kitchen. I was raised on canned pasta and boxed mac and cheese. (No judgment, that blue box mac still hits the spot from time to time).

When I moved out on my own I didn’t really know what pots and pans I needed. Or even which knife to use to chop an onion, or how to do it without chopping my fingers too.

It took me years to feel confident in the kitchen. I spent a lot of time learning and through trial and error. I now know the difference between quality cookware and what is a waste of time and money (literally). 

Combine that with my passion for digging up the details of everything and offering unsolicited advice and HCK was born.

How Her Curated Kitchen Can Help You

Now that I have over a decade of experience and first-hand knowledge I want to streamline your journey so you can be your best self in the kitchen – without spending years on the learning curve. I can help you skip the struggle, avoid dud products, and save your time and money for what really works

I’m here to help! So, if you have questions or just want to catch up, please reach out to me directly – I read every single email.